Rock Diving
Our mission is to meet people with the force of nature.

See the northern Black Sea coast Underwater

Rock Diving is a diving center that will show you the charm of the Northern Black Sea coast - underwater!
You can see our underwater rock coast guided by PADI-qualified diving instructors who will show you the secrets of the native depths!


The experience of ROCK DIVING guarantees security and professional level in diving sports for more than 10 years. The center is specialized both in SCUBA diving (self-contained-underwater-breathing-apparatus) and free diving "in one breath" (APNEA) and in underwater fishing.

Водени от любовта към дълбините, днес уменията и компетенциите на екипа са потвърдена от редица международно признати сертификати. Нашите PADI сертифицирани инструктори по гмуркане са квалифицирани както да обучават любители водолази, така и да провеждат гмуркания за удоволствие на всеки желаещ!

This place is beautiful!
The instructor Nikolay Peykov is very kind and so professional.
I would recommend the Rock Diving anywhere I go.
I had been two times already and for me was an amazing experience.
Is affordable and you get much more then you pay and expect.
Thank you Rock Diving! Hope see you soon again.

Martin Iliev