Start living your dream!

Give yourself the gift of memory. Find a new world and a new passion. Dive!


Trial diving is intended for adults and children over 7 years without previous experience. It is conducted under the guidance of certified instructors. The program includes:

  • Theoretical and practical preparation before diving
  • Complete equipment is provided: a diving cylinder and outfit
  • 30 minutes staying underwater
  • Up to a maximum depth of 7 m
  • Under instructor's guidence

Requirements: good health.


Zuba diving is designed for children with companions and adults without previous experience and is conducted under the guidance of certified instructors.

This is the best way children to get acquainted with the underwater and breathing through a diving apparatus. A great opportunity for the family members to dive and share their emotion together underwater!

The program includes:

  • Equipment - a diving cylinder with a 15 m air hose, mask and snorkel
  • 20 minutes staying underwater
  • Up to a maximum depth of 1 m
  • Under instructor's guidence

Requirements: good health.


You dream of the underwater world?! You always wanted to dive into the depths - well, it is never too late! Discover a new passion. Prepare yourself for new adventures - underwater!

The OPEN WATER course is one week (it includes 8 dives of 20-30 minutes each) and provides all necessary training materials, equipment, theoretical and practical training. During the course many individual and group underwater trainings are performed. The course is organized according to a schedule. It is implemented under the direct supervision of certified instructors and ends with an exam. Each student who successfully passes the exam shall receive a certificate.

Requirements: good health, keeping the schedule.


Give yourself an exciting memory, full of the beauty of nature on the northern Black Sea coast - above and underwater! A half-day trip from Varna to the village of Tyulenovo is regular.
Transport and underwater diving costs are included in the price.

Requirements: good health, children with companions

  • Trial diving 30 min BGN 100
  • Diving (for divers with certificate) + instructor 40 min BGN 80 - Second diving BGN 50
  • Night diving (for drivers with certificate) + Instructor 40 min BGN 110
  • Snorkeling 30 min BGN 50
  • ZUBA diving 20 min BGN 50
  • Videos and photos of diving BGN 30
  • Open Water Course (8 dives, 30 min each) BGN 850
  • Visiting Varna - northern Black Sea coast with 40 min diving Half-day tour BGN 150per person - Second diving BGN 50

Rock Diving expects you from JUNE to OCTOBER!