Start living your dream!

Give yourself the gift of memory. Find a new world and a new passion. Dive!


Trial diving is intended for adults and children over 7 years without previous experience. It is conducted under the guidance of certified instructors. The program includes:

  • Theoretical and practical preparation before diving
  • Complete equipment is provided: a diving cylinder and outfit
  • 30 minutes staying underwater
  • Up to a maximum depth of 7 m
  • Under instructor's guidence

Requirements: good health.


You dream of the underwater world?! You always wanted to dive into the depths - well, it is never too late! Discover a new passion. Prepare yourself for new adventures - underwater!

The OPEN WATER DIVER course is one week (it includes 9 dives of 20-30 minutes each) and provides all necessary training materials, equipment, theoretical and practical training. During the course many individual and group underwater trainings are performed. The course is organized according to a schedule. It is implemented under the direct supervision of certified instructors and ends with an exam. Each student who successfully passes the exam shall receive a certificate.

Requirements: good health, keeping the schedule.

  • Trial diving (DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING) 30 min BGN 120
  • Open Water Diver Course (9 dives, 30 min each) BGN 1,000
  • Diving (for divers with certificate) + instructor 40 min BGN 90 - Second diving BGN 60
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (2-3 days) BGN 1,000
  • PADI Rescue Diver (4-5 days) BGN 800
  • PADI Dive Master on request
  • Night diving (for drivers with certificate) + Instructor 40 min BGN 130
  • Snorkeling 40 min BGN 50
  • Videos and photos of diving BGN 30

Rock Diving expects you from JUNE to OCTOBER!